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The Opera Locos

2018 - Present
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Five of today’s most prestigious opera singers come together for a single recital, further embellished by a repertoire of the greatest composers in this genre. It will be a splendid evening!… or that was the plan. It all starts off grand, just as the rules dictate. However, the stage soon turns into a battlefield, too small for all of our stars’ egos, with crazy and unpredictable consequences.

It will be a night to remember.

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This show has been franchised for its performances in Mexico and France.

Original idea:
Yllana y Rami Eldar

Created and directed by:

Artistic direction:
David Ottone y Joe O’Curneen


Musical direction:
Marc Alves y Manuel Coves

Wardrobe and set design:
Tatiana de Sarabia

Lighting design:
Pedro Pablo Melendo