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by Víctor Ullate

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This version of Antigone, freely adapted from Sophocles’ original work, explores human beings’ struggle against their rash and impetuous rationale, their irreducible passions and their nature.


‘Fascinated by Sophocles’ timeless reflections on human nature, we decided to create Antigone with our company, the Víctor Ullate Ballet, for the only ancient Roman theatre in Merida. Overwhelmed by the wealth of thoughts and wisdom that Sophocles expressed in this cruel and archaic tragedy, our focus of interest are the feelings that are as old as humanity itself. Mainly inspired by the conflict of each character, we trust in the power of dance: it allows entry into the realms of universal emotions like no other art form. Like always, the eternal question is on fate: ‘That which fate has destined for each person is impossible to avoid’.

Víctor Ullate

Víctor Ullate Ballet – Comunity of Madrid

Direction and choreography:

Víctor Ullate and Eduardo Lao

Wardrobe design:
Iñaki Cobos

Lighting design:Luis Perdiguero

Set design: Curt Allen Wilmer con Estudio deDos

Música: Several artists

Wardrobe dyeing & atmospheric adaptation: María Calderón

Dancers: Lucía Lacarra, Laura Rosillo, Marlen Fuerte, Josué Ullate, Cristian Oliveri, Óscar Comesaña, Martina Chávez, Mariano Cardano, Keiko Oishi, Min Kyung Lee, Elena Diéguez, Martina Giuffrida, Manuela Medeiros, Dorian Acosta, Alejandro Bretones,  Avery Reiners, Iván Sánchez, Elena Diéguez, Kana Nishue, Ida Kallanvaara, Laura Rosillo, José Becerra, Daniel Pacheco, Charly de Groote, Matthieu Quincy, Gabriel Martínez, David Moya, Elizabeth Pagés