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Integrity and behaviour

KLEMARK ESPECTÁCULOS TEATRALES, S.A. (hereinafter KLEMARK) adheres to the Code of Ethics prepared by Clece, which contains the action and behaviour guidelines that are mandatory for all its employees.

As an instrument to verify the monitoring of said guidelines, an ethical channel has been established so that the different groups with which KLEMARK interacts (employees, customers, suppliers, etc.,) may submit their complaints or inquiries about it.

You only have to identify yourself and detail the reason for your communication. KLEMARK ensures confidentiality, particularly in the case of complaints, and undertakes to adopt the necessary measures in each case.


Any person may communicate serious irregularities that have occurred or may occur in KLEMARK through the ethical channel.

WARNING: Irregular behaviour to be reported through this channel must be serious or very serious.

What are serious irregularities or irregular behaviour?

Please note that this channel is NOT a channel for complaints and service claims, which will be duly submitted through the mail or in the corresponding Delegations.

How do I submit the communication or report of irregular behaviour?

In order to facilitate the submission of the complaint, the company provides the reporting party with an e-mail address:, through which you may communicate serious breaches or resolve doubts related to the Code of Ethics confidentially. Read Data Protection Policy.

Any person may report irregular behaviour by complying with the following requirements:

Your complaint will be received by the body designated for that purpose, which will analyse it and adopt the necessary measures to mitigate it, and, where appropriate, submit it to the competent authorities.

Your collaboration is essential for the detection of serious or very serious irregular behaviour within the company, which affects society as a whole. We thank you in advance for your invaluable cooperation.