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Teatro Auditorio de San Lorenzo de El Escorial

Teatro Auditorio de San Lorenzo de El Escorial

*Owned by the Community of Madrid and managed by Clece

The San Lorenzo de El Escorial Theatre & Auditorium is the highest paradigm for aficionados of the performing arts in Madrid’s Sierra Norte. Owned by the Community of Madrid, its management and programming have been handled by Clece since its opening in 2006. Clece is the the mother company of Klemark Performing Arts & Music Management.

Owing both to its excellent technology and stunning architecture, it is considered one of Spain’s most sophisticated theatre venues. Its area of some 25,000 m2 houses two performance halls, a main lobby, up to 20 changing rooms, a rehearsal hall, two studios and another for parallel activities with a 120-person capacity.

The programming for the Teatro Auditorio de San Lorenzo de El Escorial is structured around three annual festivals – Christmas, Holy Week and summer – showcasing the favourite repertoire for audiences of all ages, in the different disciplines of music, theatre and dance.

In addition and in light of the undeniably high quality of its performances, the programming for the theatre seeks a connection with the cultural heritage of El Escorial. Meriting mention as just one example is Verdi’s Don Carlos, a production by Clece that represented the very first time the opera was performed at the site where Schiller/Verdi drew inspiration for the action.