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  • Kantus (4-XTINCT SPECIES)


Système Castafiore crafts a new amusing dystopia inhabited by strange and supernatural creatures to warn us about the future of our planet.


Système Castafiore, aka Marcia Barcellos and Karl Biscuit are magicians of lights and sounds, video virtuosos and experts in Italian-style theater subterfuge, bringing out extraordinary creatures in a singular environment. But their sense of the supernatural and chimera serves a more ambitious purpose, one that probes our world from an equally playful and lucid perspective. This Kantus 4-Xtinct Species follows in these footsteps as a song to extinct species, our own included. Accordingly, a select group of scholars, poets and hybrid creatures engage in a mysterious ceremony – embodied by five dancers and four singers – to attempt to celebrate our universe. They are tasked with giving us this Kantus, a corpus fraught with ancient rituals that yet carries the prophecy of a changing world.