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  • SPELLBOUND25 (next premiere – Mauro Astolfi, Marco Goecke y Marcos Morau )



Spellbound Contemporary Ballet was established in 1994 by choreographer Mauro Astolfi on his return to Italy from working in America. Since 1996, Astolfi has run the project with Valentina Marini, who helped the company evolve internationally and set up worldwide transversal collaborations. Its rich artistic direction, together with the brand’s constantly evolving and dynamic vision, the company has produced a wide variety of creations in different fields. From galas to cultural television programs, on stage performances, to worldwide festivals. Applauded for the excellence of its performers and the versatility of its choreographies, Spellbound has a strong presence in top theatres and international festivals (Serbia, Germany, France, Croatia, Cyprus, Thailand, Switzerland, Austria, Belarus, USA, Israel, Panama, Canada, Russia, and North Korea) and is returning from a prestigious U.S tour (Cullen Centre – Houston, Irvine Barclay Theatre – Irvine, Celebrity Series – Boston, Portland Ovations – Portland, Kravis Centre – Palm Beach). With the modernity of its programs and its active, rich repertoire, the company is one of the most renown and competitive Italian artistic contributors to international culture. It has always been active in exchange and networking projects with the most prolific European artistic organizations. The ensemble will celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2014, a period in which production of dance exhibitions has been blended with increasingly sought after training and educational projects for both the public and at least two generations of dancers. Artistic expression and a business model that is creative, dynamic and constantly evolving in tune with the evolution of experiences and influences of the cultural fabric, the company developed its historic name in 2011 adding the epithet, Contemporary Ballet. Thanks to a unique signature style and a group of dancers considered among the finest of their generation, Spellbound now ranks as one of the most competitive proposals available to the public, offering international culture and dance expression with a wide and constantly experimental portfolio, dazzling audiences at the most important festivals in Italy as well as in many countries in the international scene. The attention to high quality performing standards has made the image of Spellbound perfect for many impressive nights at the theatre broadcast by Rai, directed by Vittoria Cappelli and Vittoria Ottolenghi, where music and dance are the backdrop are often dedicated to broader artistic themes. Spellbound Contemporary Ballet has also laid the foundations for a course where the line between the audience, enthusiasts, and artists become less distinctive, fuelling, through nearly twenty years of seminars and workshops, a creative chain which has brought thousands of dancers and onlookers closer to the stage. This experience has now given rise to a cultural factory; an inspiration for many young and emerging choreographers, turning fans into enthusiasts who can identify themselves in its dynamic model and develop towards an all-around creativity, not only from an artistic point of view, but also management and planning skills, which are a necessary prerequisite for the development of artistic innovation in oneself.

Since 2000, Spellbound Contemporary Ballet’s activities have been supported by the Ministry of Heritage and Cultural Activities, and the company has been represented in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and Scandinavia by Cultur Partner since 2010, by Elsie Management in Canada, USA, and Mexico since 2011.

In 2012, Spellbound was the only Italian company awarded an NDP subsidy for a U.S tour, which allowed the planning of a five-week tour during 2012/2013 season across the most important cities in the country.

Since 2014 the Company joined the networking project Dancing Partners together with Thomas Noone Dance (Spain), Company Chameleon (England), and Norrdans (Sweden).

Since 2012, Spellbound works in synergy with Proartedanza, River North Dance Chicago, Malandain Ballet Biarritz, and Thomas Noone Danza for the development of professional offers in favour of students graduated at the DAF Dance Arts Faculty, representing an International Artistic Committee.

L’attività di Spellbound Contemporary Ballet è sostenuta dal Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali e del Turismo.