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  • NOS DÉSIRS FONT DÉSORDRE (Our desires make disorder)


We bring on stage a community as a tied up ensemble of individuals that dance the story of our humanity and are a depiction of how we very usually feel: something is around us without our prior knowledge, we are tied up to social manners, restrictions, prohibited ideas and desires. But when we surrender our restrictions, nature takes back its rights for a new Eden…

‘’Our Desires Make Disorder’’ is a pictorial journey, which runs through the history of painting as much as from the rituals of the “old” civilizations to the creation of a Christian sinful world, from the early cultures’ “community equality” to the middle ages period , from a canvas thrown in Jackson Pollock’s way to the communitarianism of the 21st century …

‘’Our Desires Make Disorder’’ bring on stage twelve performers for a political statement, a new ritual, where fear is becoming power, loneliness becomes solidarity, communities become collectivities, while we stop loving our slavery, the revolution from the heart starts.


SINE QUA NON ART develops a changing, elusive and assertive creation.

Founded in La Rochelle in 2012 under the direction of Christophe Béranger and Jonathan Pranlas-Descours.

The interdisciplinary company develops hybrid and collaborative scenic writing.  Attached to the body, each creation relies on choreographic abstraction, musical composition and the porosity between the performing and visual arts.  It draws the waves of works from the many facts of human existence, the challenge of time, space and the artist’s place in this changing world.  It reveals on stage our physical and psychic states, our impulses and our principles, our relationship to the world and to ourselves.

SINE QUA NON ART produces atypical creations that anchor the imagination in the present.


Coreographers: Christophe Béranger & Jonathan Pranlas-Descours