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Scapino Ballet Rotterdam – a phenomenon to be experienced, not read about. But now you’re here, we’d like to tell you a little about ourselves.

Scapino lives dance, breathes dance, is dance. But when the company began, it didn’t set out with the aim of creating and performing dance. Scapino was founded in 1945 by Hans Snoek. She (yes, Hans was a woman) dreamt of ‘bringing colour back to the cheeks of children after the war.’ And it’s because of her belief in the power of dance to make that happen, that Scapino came to be. The drive to bring change through dance – to bring joy, life, colour – still moves us today.

Scapino believes that artistic achievement only has value when it’s experienced by others. And for Scapino, those others aren’t just people who understand dance. Our productions are made for everyone. Even people who’ve never seen a dance performance in their lives. Scapino may be one of the largest dance companies in Holland, with some of the world’s best dancers and choreographers, but we’re not what you’d call ‘established’. The productions created by Ed Wubbe and many young choreographers are too daring, too innovative and perhaps too good at entertaining, for that. We’re not chic, we’re not quiet – we’re bright, vibrant, and spunky. We don’t want to be admired. We want to conquer.