KOR'SIA - Klemark Espectáculos Teatrales

Klemark Performing arts & Music Management


Distribution Spain and Latin América
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KOR'SIA-MONT VENTOUX world premiere 19-20-21-22 October 2023- MADRID (SP) from KOR'SIA on Vimeo.

Currently, Mattia Russo and Antonio de Rosa, are the directors and choreographers of the project together with the living arts researcher and co-founder, Giuseppe Dagostino and Agnès López-Río, Professor of Performing Arts and artistic advisor, they are the main architects of the collective KOR’SIA.


For KOR’SIA collective, the arts and specifically the arts of movement, as their concern, are the only representations that manage to transmit the human world, everything created by our societies: tradition, society, culture …, in a way that no other cognitive skill achieves. Surviving in time beyond the societies that produced them and managing to transcend what we call ideas, providing individuals with access to their most intimate and spiritual ways.

Therefore, the objective of this young collective is based on the creation of artistic devices whose epicenter is located in the body and that proposes a reflection on the possible gestation of individual and collective spaces, which can provide new access to ways of being and being. in the world through the living arts.