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  • 0’1234
  • AMNEA (próximo estreno)


In 2006, due to a serious injury, Miquel G. Font temporarily left his career as a dancer and spent a year in the ecumenical community of Taizé where he wrote artistic projects based on real events that he himself testified among thousands of people . This was how Taizé became the origin of Habemus Corpus («we have bodies» in Latin).

It was in 2010 when the company was founded and it began producing productions in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France. Awarded for the piece 0’1234 with several international awards such as Sabadell Contest – 2014 or Solo-Tanz-Theater Stuttgart – 2015, HC was invited to create or to show in theaters and international festivals such as Jerusalem Dance Week (Israel, 2014) , Intenational Tanz-Theater Festival Hannover (Germany, 2014), Theaterhaus Stuttgart (Germany, 2016) or Mercat de les Flors – F. Grec Barcelona (2016-17).

At present, Habemus Corpus – Miquel G. Font is invited to direct choreographic pieces for other entities such as Jeune Ballet d’Aquitaine (France), Miami City Ballet (USA) or Scapino Ballet Rotterdam (Netherlands).

As a music producer, Habemus Corpus has put the soundtrack to all of its own productions as well as other dance entities such as Staatstheater Mainz (Germany), Ballet Basel (Switzerland) or Scapino Ballet Rotterdam (Netherlands ), or theater companies like Völtala (BCN) or Projecte Ingenu (BCN) and for films such as the pre-nominee for the Goya Awards 2016 El Reto de Eva (Barcelona, ​​2015).

– Talk only when you have something to say – Fr. Stephen, Taizé

This is the basis of all the work of Miquel G. Font within the framework Habemus Corpus. With it, all the concepts were developed; from real facts, always talking about specific subjects. Thus, his artists have a specific reason to interpret, move or perform any artistic action within a work. With several years invested in different fields, and based on these bases, Habemus Corpus has developed the WITNESS method, in which any movement or act has a literal meaning for the one who executes it. This method was applied to the creation processes of AIRE, Norai and Teen Time Gone, this last one by adding the pedagogical basis in the form of capsules to insentivize the culture of movement at the adolescent age audience in educational centers and schools.