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PROGRAM (2 parts)


They are from Minas Gerais, Brazil, but their ballet crosses borders. Brazil as a whole, with all its cultural diversity, can see itself in GRUPO CORPO, the dance company founded in 1975 in Belo Horizonte. In a world where the speed of information is producing an increasingly homogeneous landscape, they stand out for having developed a signature of their own.

There are three basic reasons for the uniqueness of the company in the contemporary dance scene. First, there is Rodrigo Pederneiras, the house choreographer: one of the few able to mix classic ballet and folk dances and then set to motion bodies that push the limits of technical rigor. Second, the wisdom with which Paulo Pederneiras transforms choreography into a dance artwork. Besides directing the company, he signs the scenography and lighting designs that customize the scenic finishing for each production with a kind of quality that continues to introduce new references. Part of those are the costumes by Freusa Zechmeisteir, result of a skill capable of translating chothing into movement. And third, there is a balanced cast of dancers, stars in their own right, fine-tuning each other with exquisite precision.

When one sees GRUPO CORPO dance on stage it is as if all questions concerning the transit between nature and culture were being fully answered. All facets of Brazil, past and future, erudite and popular, foreign influence and local color, and the urban and the suburban come to being as art. Brazilian art. World art.



choreography: Rodrigo Pederneiras
music: Gilberto Gil
scenography: Paulo Pederneiras
costumes: Freusa Zechmeister
lighting: Paulo Pederneiras and Gabriel Pederneiras



choreography:  Rodrigo Pederneiras
music:  Metá Metá
set design:  Paulo Pederneiras
costume design:  Freusa Zechmeister
lighting:  Paulo Pederneiras  and  Gabriel Pederneiras