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Equilibrio Dinamico sees itself like this: a spiral retracing the flow of life and the unceasing succession of its events, the creative rotation.
An unclosing spiral, because this opening it’s an entryway for various possibilities, individual and collective choices.
That’s why circularity is not a static mechanism, but rather a dynamic one.
Iridescent and everchanging but faithful to an inner line.


Equilibrio Dinamico was born in 2011 in Pezze di Greco, a small suburb of Fasano, as a project of study and discussion of artistic language forms.

The strength of this project’s beginnings originates in the will of the artistic director Roberta Ferrara. With faith and dedication, Roberta invested in her region, Puglia, in Southern Italy, and built a network of guest artists capable of giving useful and necessary tools to the youth during their growth and studies.

From the outset, several professionals believed in the potential of this artistic project and many promising dancers joined this company’s journey. A journey built on discussion and awareness of oneself that is achieved through a theoretical and practical study plan. Today, many young dancers who got involved with Equilibrio Dinamico found their place in various realities and have different roles in the art world.

In 2014 Equilibrio Dinamico chose Bari as its operating centre and began a collaboration for production and distribution managed by Vincenzo Losito, building this way concrete job opportunities. Soon, an exchange network between Europe and Asia took shape with the support of the regional promotion network Teatro Pubblico Pugliese, and the Italian Cultural Institutes in Colonia, Mexico, New York, Athens, São Paulo, San Francisco, Zagabria, and Ankara. Equilibrio Dinamico’s mission is manifested through the creation of a company with a transversal and eclectic repertoire, and with Italian premieres by national and international choreographers and directors.

Simultaneously to works of production and networking, Equilibrio Dinamico promotes training and education projects: Educational Ensemble & Teen for the perfecting of contemporary dance and its popularisation; “Small Class Training” a dancers’ daily training supported by Regione Puglia, the City of Bari, Teatro Pubblico Pugliese, and Piiil Cultura; works of Audience Development and Engagement for various cities of Puglia which are part of the Teatro Pubblico Pugliese consortium.

Since 2014 Equilibrio Dinamico’s repertoire has been performed in theatres and international festivals in Italy, America, Mexico, Singapore, Brazil, Germany, Kosovo, Albania, Croatia, Japan, India, Belgium, Greece, Lebanon, Spain, Turkey, and Bulgaria.