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«Classic Tradition» is the company’s fourth production, a show where Emilio Ochando (director, choreographer and dancer) gets carried away by his deepest interior, enjoying his vision of Spanish dance and flamenco.

A journey through the pieces of Spanish and flamenco dance that have marked his career: El Fandango de Doña Francisquita, El Vito, Seguiriyas, Alegrías, Maria de la O … A dynamic, enriching and full of experiences show.

Emilio dances alone but accompanied by live musicians: Loreto De Diego (cante), Daniel Jurado (guitar), Gonzalo Grau (piano, cello and percussion), who have drawn up their own versions of these classics.

  • Fourth Prize for Classical Dance at the National Dance Competition in Valencia.
  • First prize in the International Competition of Spanish Dance and Flamenco.
  • Second prize for New Creators in Alcalá de Henares.
  • Solo Choreography Award from the Spanish Dance and Flamenco Contest.
  • First prize at TalentMadrid 2016.
  • First prize in Group Choreography of the Spanish Dance and Flamenco Contest.
  • Candidate for the 2018 MAX Awards for the best male performance and best revelation show (SIROCO)


Emilio Ochando, choreographer and dancer. Born in 1984 from Valencia, he was interested in art from a young age. At the age of 9 he began his training as a dancer. After just three years, he was already collaborating with the National Ballet of Spain and at the age of 16 he moved to Madrid. In the capital, he continues to be educated in places of reference such as the Royal Professional Conservatory of Madrid.

His experience in dance includes the collective and individual since he has been part of great companies such as Domingo Ortega, Malucos Danza, Nuevo Ballet Español and Flamenco Vivo.