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A Midsummer Night’s Dream
The curtain rises and – wheat is harvested on the open stage! Star choreographer Alexander Ekman was inspired by the customs of his Nordic homeland to create a dance work of art that is celebrated around the world.

The premiere in 2015 at the Royal Swedish Ballet in Stockholm was a media event. One of the country’s best-known composers conjured up music that is unparalleled between mythical energy and beguiling sensuality.

On the magical night of the summer solstice, the boundaries between reality and fantasy become permeable. Then nothing is impossible: Long tables rise as if by magic, people float through the air, big fish drift through the scenery, and the boards that mean the world are transformed back into their original state: a forest!

Alexander Ekman once again proves himself to be a magician of dance and creates a choreographic soul landscape full of poetry, absurdity and deeper meaning.