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DANISH DANCE THEATRE (Royal Danish Theater & Copenhagen Opera)

Distribution Spain and Latin América
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Danish Dance Theatre is the foremost contemporary dance company in Denmark, as well as the largest. The company is composed of hand-picked dancers from all over the world.

The repertoire spans from large stage productions at The Royal Danish Theatre, to open-air events such as Copenhagen Summer Dance at Ofelia Plads and Moesgaard Museum in Aarhus. Danish Dance Theatre also does an extensive amount of both national and international touring.

Danish Dance Theatre receives funding from the Ministry of Culture and the Danish Arts Council’s International Performing Arts Exchange. In addition, individual performances receive support from private foundations.



  • MONGREL (by Marina Mascarell)


The starting point for the creation of the work Mongrel was the Janteloven, where the fictitious code of behavior is presented as part of the Scandinavian identity. A behavior that choreographer and new artistic director of Danish Dance Theatre Marina Mascarell recognizes from her own Spanish culture.

“We have all felt the weight of our culture, the invisible law that standardizes us. However, we are also part of the oppression. Unfortunately, envy and fear of the unknown are part of human idiosyncrasy, and we all know that fear and violence are eternal companions,” Marina explains.

Mongrel shows a closed community formed by individuals who, in their loneliness, dream of being liberated from the invisible border and suffocating homogeneity. An explosive release of repressed emotions fighting against an oppressive culture and mediocrity.

The music is an original composition by Spanish composer and cello player Yamila Ríos. The strings of the cello, along with a prominent percussion and electronic sound, are the protagonists of this composition.