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I have heard that during one of his stays in the Marquesas Islands, Paul Gauguin had the idea of ​​directly painting the shell of a young living turtle, lost on a beach. I like to think that thanks to the longevity that this species enjoys, a work of the painter, while freeing itself from the greed of speculators, continues, even today, to plow through the great collections in its small traveling museum.

What anecdote is more appropriate to illustrate our desire to offer the public a unique vision of art, particularly painting?

Singular especially because it encompasses both the finished work and the image-making phase, which in our opinion is a decisive stage in the elaboration of a work. As they have understood it, it is not decisive in its documentary aspect, but in the dramaturgical dimension of the creation of images in the live show.

We do not propose to do it at the mercy of the waves of Polynesia, but in the flow of urban traffic, in the middle of a crossroads or a public square, where we have installed our great trestle. Our music, which is played live, like the voice of the reciting actress and the painters themselves, will replace the noise of the hangover and the complaint of the wind in the coconut trees, which undoubtedly formed the acoustic background of the activity of Gauguin.


La Compagnie Lucamoros builds with shadows, brushes or cameras the limits of a surrealist theater, a theater of illusions performed live, between DIY and high technology. Co-founder in 1976 of the company Amoros et Augustin, Luc Amoros continues to lead this French company that in 2009 took his name. True to the shadow theater with which he began his career, he has evolved at the crossroads of disciplines, combining visual arts, performance, visual theater and stage music. He currently extends his research to write with special attention to the monologue, the chronicle or the song, in order to explore the irresistible fascination of men for moving images.