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Contemporary dance based in Kathak


Do the times compel us to look ‘within’? To recognise our deepest, most complex emotions. To explore our innermost spaces where humanity and brutality, masculinity and femininity, good and bad seem to lie in half embrace. Waiting to be disentangled. Waiting to be recognised beyond the binaries. Waiting to find expression in ways that shape our lives, our actions, our selves.

At the Edinburgh International Book Festival 2013, Salman Rushdie said, «Classically, we have defined ourselves by the things we love. By the place which is our home, by our family, by our friends. But in this age we’re asked to define ourselves by hate. That what defines you is what pisses you off. And if nothing pisses you off, who are you?»

Is there another way to discover the sky, the eternity within us? Where does one seek inspiration for this journey?

«To understand yourself you must create a mirror that reflects accurately what you are… Only in the understanding of what is, is there freedom from what is.»  J. Krishnamurti


Inter_rupted emerges from the body, exploring its fragility, disintegration, resilience, vulnerability, invincibility, inevitability and renewal. In celebration of human existence, the body and its spirit.

  • Disintegration
  • River
  • Throw of dice
  • Broken flowers and ash
  • Beating heart and interruptions
  • Journeys and aspirations
  • Rivers
  • Meeting myself

“When we look at the body in finer and finer detail, can we find what we’re protecting? If we visualise searching right down amid the very marrow for the thingness of our body, can we find it? Attachment to one’s physical form is based on the body being a reliable, continuous entity. But can we pinpoint what we’re clinging to when we probe its depths?” Pema Chodron.


Aditi Mangaldas is a leading dancer and choreographer in the classical Indian dance form of Kathak. With extensive training under the leading gurus of Kathak, Shrimati Kumudini Lakhia and Pandit Birju Maharaj, Aditi is today recognised for her artistry, technique, eloquence and characteristic energy that mark every performance. Besides dancing and choreographing classical productions, both solo and group, she has broken new ground by using her knowledge and experience of Kathak as a springboard to evolve a contemporary dance vocabulary, infused with the spirit of the classical.

Considered a maverick in India, she has consistently broken ground, unafraid to confront social and present day concerns. Celebrated around the world for the startling richness and intricacy of her dance and choreography, she was recently nominated in the category of outstanding performance (classical) by the National Dance Critics Circle awards-2017 in the UK.

She was awarded the Gujarat Sangeet Natak Academy award, India 2007 as well as the National Sangeet Natak Akademi award, India 2013, that due to compelling reasons, she declined.